STI offers a growing presence in the pharmaceutical market. Our management team has more than 100 years’ experience in pharmaceutical development, manufacturing, sales, marketing and management which allows us to rapidly move product from acquisition to market. Our partners benefit from our experience as well as our flexibility to accommodate the needs of both our partners and our customers. At STI we strive to maintain a reputation for quality, compliance and customer service.

Our Approach

STI works to develop strong relationships with clients and customers to offer substantial value. Our approach includes life cycle management, identifying underserved markets and unique opportunities. STI works with retail chains, wholesalers, distributors, managed care organizations, mail order pharmacies and Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) to help manage their needs in servicing their customers. STI recognizes that strategic partnerships are an integral component for STI's growth.

Although STI recognizes that each partnership will be different, our partnerships are:

  • A true partnership where key decisions are truly collaborative.
  • Created using the highest ethical standards.

Our approach to acquiring products and working with partners centers on two separate approaches. The first is to develop or obtain marketing rights to generic pharmaceuticals for which our team can offer a quality product which represents a value to STI and our customers. We believe that these generic products provide a stable financial platform with which to develop our proprietary product offering.

Our second approach is to develop or acquire proprietary products which include controlled release, improved bioavailability, or more convenient dosage forms.

We believe that our approach offers integrity and a high ethical standards to our partners and customers.