How We Work

STI Pharma’s vision is to improve the lives of patients while providing value. We accomplish this by providing generic drugs that emphasize quality while maintaining the need to control the escalating cost of treatment.

For our proprietary products, we work to identify opportunities which can utilize the 505 (b)(2) pathway to regulatory approval. We have developed our own drug delivery technology (patent application has been filed) to provide for once-a-day, extended pain relief dosing. It is our intent to continue to identify technologies either through in-house research or by in-licensing drug delivery and other technologies. These technologies should improve patient compliance, ease of use, and/or enhance therapeutic performance. STI also considers opportunities outside of the 505 (b)(2) pathway.

STI Pharma examines opportunities with respect to:

  • Development activities necessary for regulatory approval (timing and cost).
  • Opportunity to achieve an exclusive market position (either through intellectual property rights, some unique proprietary knowledge or some market exclusivity protection).
  • Market value and competition.
  • STI Pharma’s ability to develop, manufacture, market and sell the product.

STI Pharma recognizes that to efficiently manufacture and distribute its products, it is more cost effective to perform these operations by contracting for these services. This permits STI to avoid paying for services or building facilities which would be underutilized. However, to monitor those services and facilities, the STI management team has personnel who are experienced in research and development, business development, manufacturing, supply chain logistics, pharmaceutical pricing and accounting practices and who can appropriately monitor these activities.